SunMine Energy Assessment: Test Results

From November 2010 to March 2013, EcoSmart conducted a solar test next to the proposed SunMine Site.
Download the SunMine test results

The test program had five objectives:

  1. Compare real-time solar irradiation measured on-site to historic data from the weather station at Cranbrook international airport, provided by Environment Canada
  2. Compare real-time PV output with the results of a model that had calculated the solar plant energy production based on the airport data.
  3. Compare performance between the arrays on tracker and those fixed.
  4. See the effect of snow on the panels and the energy performance
  5. Experience any potential operational problem and maintenance issues.

The report covers the first period ( 2010 – 2011) and lead to the decision of pursuing the SunMine project.  Data continued to be collected on an hourly basis until 2013. At that time, the system was dismantled and reinstalled at Kimberley’s city yard for powering the warehouse lighting system.

Data collected after the completion of this report confirmed and consolidated its results and conclusions.

SunMine test results