Solar Resource Information (SRI)

Solar Resource Information is a key component at any stage of a solar project lifecycle.

  • Early development analysis
  • Site prospection.
  • Collect of solar data
  • Preliminary design.
  • Long-term energy assessment
  • Economic viability.
  • Design parameter support.
  • Utility connection.
  • Performance verification
  • Utility forecasting.

The proper siting of any renewable energy system is critical to its success. However, siting a solar energy system can be particularly challenging because of the varying nature of the sun. Daily weather fluctuations and seasonal position changes can have significant effects on a system’s performance. – NREL

EcoSmart has developed a series of tools to provide accurate SRI at any step of a solar project. We offer expert advice to make a solar plant as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our services include:

Early Stage

  • On site data measurement
  • Acquisition of high-quality solar data
  • Data analysis and long-term energy yield prediction
  • Uncertainties and statistical analysis
  • Economic analysis (P95 and risk assessment)

Design Stage

  • Selection between fixed and tracker systems
  • Tracker optimization
  • Array tilt optimization
  • Shading and area optimization
  • PVSyst analysis
  • Simulations
  • … and more