Important: Install the CDF Player Plug-in prior to running this simulation.


To set up the simulation according to your solar system configuration

  1. Select the site latitude
  2. Select the site slope
  3. Select the type of Modules (60 cells or 72 cells)
  4. Select how the modules are installed on the tracker (Portrait or landscape)
  5. Enter the number of panels per tracker (number of rows & number of columns)
  6. Select alignment (theater alignment is normally more efficient)
  7. Select type of tracker 2-Axis or VAT
  8. If VAT is selected, enter panel angle
  9. If a neighbour panel shades the central panel, its shade will appear in red
  10. Adjust the spacing between panels to reduce shading

Use at your own risk, this program is provided as is, EcoSmart does not guarantee the accuracy of results produced. EcoSmart uses an in-house-developed simulation program to optimize tracker layout (% shading loss vs area).