The table below illustrates an example of typical gain/loss and efficiency of a PV system with trackers installed in Central BC, Canada.  In this case, the gain from GHI to POA is 56.68% and the overall efficiency between the irradiance on POA and AC output is 87.63 %.  Therefore the ratio between AC output and GHI is in average 1.37.

PV System Performance Summary


performance factors

  1. GHI to POA ratio
  2. Far shading
  3. Inter-shading
  4. IAM
  5. Soiling
  6. Snow
  7. Low irradiance
  8. Temperature
  9. Module quality
  10. Mismatch
  11. Inverter efficiency
  12. Power clipping
  13. Wiring
  14. Transformer
  15. Dispatch
  16. PID
  17. Light soaking
  18. Aging