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Solar energy facts & SunMine

Get the latest facts and figures on solar energy and SunMine. (Slide presentation)
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Table of content:

  • Energy costs
  • World solar capacity
  • PV prices
  • US solar capacity
  • Key facts (USA)
  • Solar capacity vs BC Hydro Capacity
  • Jobs
  • Solar Maps
  • Solar maps BC and Alberta
  • BC solar ranking
  • Temperature and soiling
  • Kimberley, BC
  • Kimberley vs Abu Dhabi
  • Energy yield and temperature / soiling correction
  • Why trackers? ( face the sun)
  • Solar irradiance : direct and diffuse.
  • Tracking the sun
  • On-site tests
  • Footprint
  • Layout
  • Financial return : IRR and ROI
  • Investment grade analysis
  • Risk
  • Solar Data
  • Exceedance probability
  • SunMine
  • SunMine innovation
  • Solar + Mining
  • Location, location, location

Slide Show: Solar Facts

SunMine Six First

The SunMine solar plant in Kimberley, BC is an innovative project  that showcases six ‘first’:

  1. The largest solar facility West of Ontario.
  2.  The first grid-connected solar PV installation in BC.
  3. The first solar tracker used in Western Canada and adapted to northern high altitude climate
  4. The first re-development of a remediated industrial site into a solar farm in Canada.
  5. The first large solar project supported by a Canadian mining company in Canada.
  6. The first large solar facility developed and owned & operated by a Canadian municipality.

Energy Prediction and Construction Cost Estimate of SunMine

EcoSmart tasked DNV KEMA to estimate capital costs and perform an energy estimate for the SunMine project, based on a 2 MW DC ground mount vertical axis tracker system.
Based on costs as of August 2013, DNV KEMA estimated capital costs for construction of the site, and expects these to be approximately $1.83 per Wp (based on August 2013 costs) Continue reading Energy Prediction and Construction Cost Estimate of SunMine


EcoSmart was the initial driving force behind SunMine, a one Megawatt photovoltaic plant on a reclaimed industrial site in Kimberley, BC.

For a century, the Sullivan mine was the largest lead mine in Canada and the main economic engine for Kimberley, BC. It ceased operation in 2001, leaving behind a huge industrial brownfield site and an industrial town with a need to reinvent itself.

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