Ranking of Solar Energy in BC, Canada

BC Solar Energy Where are the best places to develop a solar plant in BC. What are opportunities for the First Nations? The graph shows the expected energy yield of solar systems installed near weather stations – usually airport where we can find reliable solar data. It highlights also First Nations with good solar development opportunities.
The units are in kWh per kWp installed (the amount of energy produced per unit of power installed or in short the capacity factor in hours per year).
In this case, it is assumed that the system is installed on trackers which can boost significantly the energy output. Cranbrook, Kimberley (site of SunMine, the first large scale solar power plant in BC) and the Kootenays have exceptional solar energy (In the four best solar sites in Canada). Anything above 1,500 hr is quite good and better than Germany. Haida Gwaii is a special case it has lower solar energy level but the island relies on diesel genset that has higher costs of producing electricity -making solar potentially cost-competitive.

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