The SunMine project has no particular restriction on local content for the main technologies, such as the PV modules or inverters, as none are manufactured in BC.

Therefore, the capital cost should not differ much from other international projects that have access to equipment on the open market.


Through research and consultations with international solar firms, EcoSmart has established that most solar projects in California and Germany can be fully installed for less than $2/Watt, including soft BOS.

To confirm this benchmark, EcoSmart tasked DNV-KEMA to estimate capital costs and perform an energy estimate of the proposed 2MW SunMine. DNV KEMA estimated capital costs for construction of the site, and expects these to be approximately $1.83/Wp – based on costs as of August 2013. Download Energy Prediction and Construction Cost Estimation Report for SunMine by DNV.

SunMine cost estimates by DNV- Kema

With a capital costs of $2/Wp,  (a-toonie-a-watt) the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of SunMine calculated over a period of 25 yr will $96/MWh. It is similar to the LCOE of the SITE C large hydro project current under planning in the NorthEast of BC (according to figures provided by BC Hydro).