SunMine Energy Production

The graphs below show the daily energy output in kW during the first 42 days of operation of the 1 MWp SunMine solar plant. (June 6 to July 21 2015).  

  • Vertical: energy produced in kWh
  • Horizontal: time of the day
  • one graphic per day (42 days)
  • Rainbow colour function of total daily energy ( Violet = low, Red = high)

During this period the system has shown very good performance up to 11.4 MWh for a 1.048 MWdc plant is very high – close to a record in North America. 

The graphics shows also:

  • the effect of clouds (sudden drops of energy)
  • long period of production from 6 am to around 9:30 pm – as the results of using dual-axis  trackers.
  • a mix of exceptional day (21 June) and cloudy days (29 June)