Shading loss optimization


Interactive Simulation

Some solar trackers, in particular the vertical axis and 2-axis, rotate East/West and as a result may shade each other laterally in addition to North South.

Shading can be reduced by spacing the trackers further apart, but this increases the total solar plant area and capital costs (land, cabling, etc,.)
Configuring the layout of a solar farm with trackers to minimize the shading losses and total area is a complex task, often done by trial and error.

EcoSmart uses computer programs developed in-house to optimize shading losses and site area.

EcoSmart has developed a computer program to minimize shading losses and site area. Our program creates numeric data, but we have also developed a graphical interactive simulation to check the results and have made this available to the public.
Run this interactive simulation to visualize shading in a field of trackers.


The simulation needs the CDF Player Plug-in installed.