Solar energy in the NWT

What is the solar energy potential in NWT?

The Government of the NorthWest Territories (NWT)  has published a report outlining  the NWT solar energy deployment strategy  EcoSmart prepared the attached notes  offering some comments and suggestions based on our expertise and recent progress in solar technologies.  Our document presents also an example of feasibility for the town of Fort Providence, NWT.   In that example, the most cost-effective solar size in a hybrid soalr-diesel system would be 1.25 MWp with a cost saving of about $660,000 per year.  

Our analyses confirm that as,  NWT Solar Energy Strategy indicates, the region has great solar energy potential.   We believe that this potential could be further improved in various ways such as:

  1. Using trackers to harvest more solar energy during the long summer days.
  2. Bringing down the price of solar equipment to level at par with the world market.
  3. Optimizing dispatch of solar energy to achieve greater diesel displacement without using storage.

Document: NWT solar strategy